Best Wine Bar List


Saga Bar

49-51 Goold St, Chippendale, NSW
0499 724 235

CUISINE Modern Asian fusion
WINE LIST Casey Sullivan-Myers
WINEs ON LIST 320 (28 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($55-$13 by the glass)

Behind all the fun, funk and mystery of Chippendale’s Saga Bar is an amazing wine list. It’s the brainchild of Casey Sullivan-Myers who has taken his Mr Wong experience and added a layer of mischief and mayhem.

His eclectic mix of Old-World favourites and cutting-edge wines is no better demonstrated than his focus on Cuvée Salon and its top-value offshoot, Delamotte, listed alongside Egly-Ouriet and Jacques-Selosse. Antipodean heroes Delamere, Circe and Quartz Reef add frizzante. The wines by the glass list covers an equally broad spectrum with the premium selection offered by the 60ml taste and 150ml glass. A glass of 1998 Penfolds St Henri (A$60) would be perfect with lamb cutlets from the appetising bar menu. The 1990 Jim Barry The Armagh (A$600) demonstrates Casey’s commitment to domestic winemakers. That said, the emphasis on aromatic whites and frisky reds from all parts of the globe fits nicely with Saga’s Asian tone. The cocktail, spirits, and beer listing supports this worthy winner.



The Wine Library

18 Oxford St, Woollahra
(02) 9368 7484

CUISINE Mediterranean with modern Australian touch
WINE LIST Tim Perlstone
WINEs ON LIST 523 (38 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($245-$12 by the glass)

Pull up a chair and take your time with this list. As the name suggests, there's a lot to take on board before a decision can be made. Do you fancy a skin contact white, a classic from the Jura or a Madeira or rare Fondillon to start? Definitely check out the premium wines by the glass, too. The strong Aussie contingent – new and traditional producers with an emphasis on the sustainable – are bounced off a great range of equally interesting Europeans, some quite edgy.

Bibo Wine Bar

7 Bay St, Double Bay
(02) 9362 4680

CUISINE Traditional Portuguese/modern French.
WINE LIST Louella Mathews
WINEs ON LIST 402 (40 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$-$$$ ($48-$9 by the glass)

Bibo Wine Bar has over 400 reasons to make a detour and drop in for a glass. The list is a formidable show of exciting, rare, hard to find, classic, emerging and established producers – it has it all. There are little snippets of information scattered throughout the list that serve to ground and locate us as drinkers, to bring us to the place that the sommelier, Louella Mathews was in when she brought those wines to the list. Louella has been there since the beginning, and it shows. This is a sensitive and well thought through list that leaves no vinous stone unturned. Of course, if wine isn't your thing, there are numerous options available by the glass, including local and boutique beer, aperitifs, non-alcoholic concoctions, cocktails, cider, bubbles and fortifieds. Bibo, Louella, fabulous work. This is an ever-evolving and exciting offering to the lucky customers in Sydney.