Northern Territory


Stone House

33 Cavenagh St, Darwin
0481 069 657

WINE LIST Rebecca Bullen
WINEs ON LIST 300+ (30 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $ ($55-$10 by the glass)

What a belter of a wine list! Such fun to trawl through, so many aces in this pack. There's the entree of intriguing Corsican wines and a unique selection of wines from the United States, then the main deal follows with contemporary, boutique producers found alongside classics with each section capped off with 'The unique' indicating wines of higher provenance and cellar releases. Brokenwood, d'Arenberg and Henschke might find great wines selected, but how about Blind Corner, Sorrenberg and Luke Lambert readily available? Great stuff, here. The list itself is appealingly priced too, and better yet, there's a license here that allows you to take away too. Between accessible, youthful styles and the top end found in this list, it's a compelling collection, cleverly and judiciously chosen to showcase a global perspective of great wine.