Best Wine Bar List


Love, Tilly Devine

91 Crown Ln, Darlinghurst, Sydney
(02) 9326 9297

Cuisine Modern Australian
WINE LIST Gabrielle Webster
WINEs ON LIST 150 (15 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($16-$12 by the glass)

Love, Tilly Devine is a lifeblood of Australian wine, a gathering place for winemakers, the broader Australian wine community, initiates to wine and often a reference point for drinkers the world over. It’s a wine bar that is a reflection of its personality-imbued list. The pages tell personal tales, often idiosyncratic in humour and tone, about the selection of wines, then switch to diatribes on the relevance of cabernet franc, or the merits of a single, hard-to-find producer.

Beyond the layout and colour of the commentary are the amazing wines. There’s familiarity in grower -Champagne and the omnipresent slew of riesling. Fine Burgundy is set alongside natural wine producers from Piedmont, while Australian winemakers are given a bright spotlight. Sommelier and manager Gabrielle Webster gives us wines to be drunk with gusto, admired and deified. She shocks us and delights us. The list would sit in the upper echelon anywhere in the world. Mike Bennie


Cru Bar & Cellar

1/22 James St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
(07) 3252 2400

CUISINEModern Australian
WINE LIST Chris Walker
WINEs ON LIST 1041 (122 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($250-$9 by the glass)

This is an all-encompassing, truly world class wine list. And a list of fabulous value – how often do you see a wine like 2004 Dom Pérignon for $280? The selection by the glass, thanks to the use of Coravin, is truly astounding – take your pick of the latest Sass, Dageuneaux Silex, 1990 Penfold’s Bin 920, 1982 Moulin Touchais and so much more.


71a Macleay St, Potts Point
(02) 9360 4410

CUISINEModern Australian
WINE LIST Nick Hildebrandt
WINEs ON LIST 700 (40 by the glass)
WINE PRICEs$$$ ($40-$8 by the glass)

A remarkable, beautiful, thoughtful list that offers something for everyone yet still remains, as always, full of surprises and delights. A list that stays cutting edge, ahead of the curve, innovative, exciting and shows the thoughtful curation of Nick Hildebrandt and team, who hope drinkers open the pages and are blown away for choice. The list leans to the biodynamic, organic, natural and artisan in wine orientation, but never forgets to be primarily about drinkability and high quality, fine wine. Trimbach's classic wines sit as a standalone feature, as do the electric, scarce wines of off-piste Loire Valley winemaker Jean-Pierre Robinot; few places in the world are as thrilling or daring. One-offs, B-sides and cellar raided stashes of small batch wine are also to be found amongst the pages, adding colour to the groaning weight of must-have bottles from prestige wine producers. The every changing line-up is a reflection of the restless perfectionism expected from the list too - by the glass is regularly different, always interesting, broad in its scope. Simply, a benchmark wine list.