GT Wine Readers’ Choice Award



15 Bligh St Sydney

Cuisine French
WINE LIST Andy Tyson
WINEs ON LIST 450 (30 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($23-$11 by the glass)

Since opening in March, Hubert has had Sydney buzzing with its innovative and game-changing wine list. So much so that it’s already a firm favourite with our readers, and the surprise winner of this award. 

There’s a sense of chaotic merriment in the list’s illustrations. The cocktails tantalise, but the beer is better with a diversity of sources (Poland, Hawaii, Japan) and styles (ancient gruit ale, black IPA, oak-aged lambic) from more than a dozen countries and most parts of Australia.

Clever choices abound in the by-the-glass list, which offers cutting edge varietals and intriguing blends with brief, thoughtful commentary that entices.

The list ranges widely around the globe and has depth. There’s a focus on newly fashionable or unfairly treated whites such as muscadet, sauvignon, semillon, chenin blanc, aligote and Jura whites. However, chardonnay lovers won’t be disappointed. More attention than usual is given to gamay and Loire reds. It’s a list that challenges the mould. PETER FORRESTAL