Best List of Wines by the Glass

Bentley Restaurant + Bar

Bentley Restaurant + Bar

27 O’Connell St, Sydney, NSW
(02) 8214 0505

CUISINE Contemporary
WINE LIST Nick Hildebrandt/Ben Gardiner
WINEs ON LIST 1200 (50 by the glass)

When it comes to the by-the-glass section of a wine list, size does not trump quality.  Highly curated lists which present a tailored set of wines, that look good from the moment they are poured, are ideal.

The team at Bentley have a stunning selection on offer, with originality central to its charm. As always, they set rather than follow the trend, listing wines that they believe in and that complement their food and clientele.  

The collection is proudly international, with top Australian wines sharing the stage with global representatives.  German grauer burgunder, a chilled Barossa cinsault blend and a Hungarian blaufränkish are just some of the fascinating wines on offer.  But there is also a fine Beechworth chardonnay and an aged Victorian shiraz if you are looking for something more familiar.

I commend the inclusion of detailed prose about the producers and wine styles. This provides context and encourages the diner to try something different. There is a range of fine and rare wines for those with deep pockets, but for the rest of us, the prices of the core range are moderate, especially when viewed in the context of Sydney fine dining. Toni Paterson MW



2 Ash St, Sydney, NSW
(02) 9114 7303

CUISINE French brasserie
WINE LIST Julien Legat / Jean-Charles Mahe
WINE ON LIST 900 (36 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($99-$12 by the glass)

One of Sydney's best bistro is an important outlet for Merivale and focuses attention on the very good and great wines of France. Few of us with get past the captivating list by the glass with ranges throughout the French countryside (even to the Auvergne) and even embraced an important visitor or two. The great wines are there - Clos d' Ambonnay, Raveneau, Georges Vernay, Rayas and heaps more. Any etrangers listed will have earned their place.

Cru Bar & Cellar

22 James St, Fortitude Valley, Qld
(07) 3252 2400

CUISINE Modern Australian
WINE LIST Chris Walker
WINE ON LIST1300 (111 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($200-$9 by the glass)

For a wine lover, visiting Cru Bar + Cellar is like walking into a fantasy.  Over 1300 wines are presented, with over 100 by the glass, thanks to the help of Coravin.  The list is seemingly endless, and with each variety, Australian's best is presented alongside global examples.  There are pages of pinot noir, with Burgundy a highlight, plus a solid selection of nebbiolo and grenache.  Shiraz is, as expected, well-featured, as is cabernet and blends including Bordeaux.  There is admirable complexity in the white offering, with riesling and chardonnay the stars.  Though make the most of this list by trying one of the many quirky varietals and origins, like Nerello Mascalese from Sicily, to make the experience unique.