Best Small List (50)

Harvest Newrybar

Harvest Newrybar

18-22 Old Pacific Hwy, Newrybar, NSW 
(02) 6687 2644

Cuisine Modern Australian
WINE LIST Russ Berry/Sam Curtis
WINES ON LIST 50 (22 by the glass)

This is the quintessential Mod Oz wine list writ small. To reduce the number of wines on a list to just 50, while simultaneously magnifying the significance of each entry, is one, tough balancing act.

Laid out before the wine lover is the essence of the Australian wine industry in its many quirky, eclectic, serious and curious moods, from the new-found love affair with orange, pet nats and ‘natural’ wines, to small biodynamic makers, as well as old-hands plying their trade with attention and care. It’s a joy to take in the great diversity of the Australian wine industry, and Berry and Curtis do the winemakers a service by acknowledging their names under their wines.

Some wines will rarely have travelled outside their region such as Tarrington Vineyards Pinot Noir from Henty, and the Frederick Stevenson blend of cinsault, shiraz, grenache and mourvedre from the Barossa Valley. Other wines will be greeted with high expectation such as Yarra Yering’s Underhill Shiraz, and the rare Allain Graillot Heathcote Syrah.

The highest expectations can be met here, and all in just 50 wines. JENI PORT



cnr Peel & Wellington Sts, Collingwood, Vic

WINE LIST Katie McCormack
WINEs ON LIST 51 (0 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($15-$10 by the glass)

The art of the small list is written large here. It's a compelling compendium of smart, avant-garde and natural wine producers augmented with well-chosen wines from high quality, more traditional boutique wineries. Therefore, you get the cult Spanish wines of Partida Creus set alongside the wonderful wines of Beechworth's Sorrenberg, or Craiglee's stoic, complex shiraz brushing shoulders with Tom Shobbrook's frisky, nouveau-styled Barossa cinsault. It's a list that compels drinkers to try new things or to relax into glasses of original, compelling wines from a global roll call of progressive winemakers. Narrowing the list down to a tight 50-or-so listings is very difficult, but wine director Katie Mccormack has done so with great skill, ensuring that though there's a clear focus on minimal intervention winemaking, there's plenty to explore for all. It's clever, wonderful drinking to be had here.

Bellota Wine Bar

181 Bank St, South Melbourne, Vic
(03) 9078 8381

WINE LIST Cory Morris
WINEs ON LIST 50 (32 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($60-$10 by the glass)

The staff here live wine, with the bar being a natural extension of the Prince Wine Store, an established and respected Melbourne retailer and importer. A tight, focused list of 50 bottles moves effortlessly between established favourites to pushing the wine boundaries. Bottle age is considered and prices are more than reasonable, especially bubbles. By the glass is Eurocentric, with 50ml tastes available for those who want to sample an array of wine, cheese and charcuterie before taking a favourite bottle back home.


416 King St, Newtown
(02) 9557 7699

CUISINEModern Australian
WINE LIST Amanda Cleal
WINEs ON LIST 51 (15 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($17-$12 by the glass)

A beautifully put together concise, yet varied, interesting and innovative wine list.  There is an exciting beer and cider list, and it is clear how much thought and effort has been put into this list by the well thought out wine by the glass list that provides a great variety of wine style options.  The wine list itself, though small, is cleverly put together, affordable and approachable with so many great choices that one will want to keep returning to this fabulous restaurant.