Independent Hall of Fame

David Lawler

David Lawler

Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards  Hall of Fame – Individual Award, recognises an outstanding individual contribution to the advancement of the sommelier profession in Australia through their commitment to supporting training and education and the presentation and service of fine wine within the Australian hospitality and tourism industries over recent times. The significant improvement in the standards of Australia’s wine lists through the years has not happened by chance, but through the extraordinary commitment of passionate individuals – some of whom contribute above and beyond all others. This year’s winner of this prestigious Award is David Lawler, the immediate Past President of Sommeliers Australia.

Sommeliers’ Choice Award
A new award for the best sommelier, as chosen by their peers.
Nick Hildebrandt
Bentley Restaurant + Bar, (02) 8214 0505,


Grant dixon / Geoff hunt
(08) 8563 0765,

matthew Swieboda
Dear Sainte Éloise
(02) 9326 9745,

Marc Banytis
Neighbourhood Wine,
(03) 9486 8306,