1. What does the Spanish word sangria mean?
2. How many standard wine bottles equals one imperial bottle?
3. Which of the following wine regions isn't in New Zealand: Gisborne, Marlborough or King Valley?
4. What farm animal is sometimes used as an alternative for controlling undervine growth?
5. What alcoholic drink is the town Bundaberg in Queensland known for?
6. What was Dom Perignon’s occupation when he invented Champagne?
7. Which of these is not a type of wine fault: oxidation, diacetyl or trichloroanisole.    
8. What is the purpose of double decanting?
9. If a wine is described as "hot," what does it most likely mean? 
10.   What country is home to the most malbec vineyards in the world?
11. Where does the colour in red wine come from?
12. Why do restaurant waiters pour a small amount of wine to taste first?  
13. What does a vertical tasting involve?