Two Birds Brewing’s tasting room ‘The Nest’ is in Spotswood.

What inspired you to start Two Birds Brewing?
We were doing a trip across the US, visiting some of the best wineries, breweries and distilleries. It was in San Luis Obispo, in California, over some amazing craft beer, that the penny dropped. Jayne was a head brewer; I was working in marketing and product development, and was determined to start my own business. Our skill sets were just so
complementary that we had to give it a shot.  

Jayne, you originally studied winemaking and viticulture. How does brewing compare and what do you love about it?
I saw more opportunity to push boundaries with brewing. I love how my science brain and creative brain can come together to reflect what I like doing. A few years ago, I brewed a tribute beer for David Bowie, the Stardust IPA, and when you poured it, your glass filled with this beautiful, glitter-filled beer. It looked amazing and the beer was delicious. It’s that kind of opportunity for creativity that made me a brewer at heart.  

Danielle Allen (left) and Jayne Lewis of Two Birds.

Love the names of your products! Do you have any favourites?
Last year, in the midst of lockdown in Melbourne, we called a beer ‘Kalsarikännit’. It’s a Finnish word that means ‘The feeling of drinking at home alone in your underwear, with no intention of going out.’ Safe to say we made a lot of friends in Finland. They loved it.  

Heading into autumn, what will you be drinking?  
When it starts to get cooler, but you’re not quite ready for a stout, we can’t go past our Sunset Ale. It’s an amber ale made with a blend of nine different malts, creating a rich and inviting beer, with pine, grapefruit and toffee notes, wrapped up in a light, roasty finish. Perfect for when the sun goes down.