Which wine region is home to Pt Leo Estate?

1. What does the term ‘bouquet’ refer to when tasting wine?  
2. When did vines first arrive in Australia: 1788, 1805, 1812?
3. If a wine you’re drinking smells like cedar, blackcurrant and tobacco, is it more likely to be cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon or shiraz?
4. What is the dominant grape variety in Chianti?
5. Pol Roger Champagne was known to be the favourite drink of which renowned historical leader? (So much so, the house’s prestige label is named after them).
6. Brandy has a traditional age grading system. What does the indicator ‘VS’ 
stand for?
7. What farm animal is typically used in the vineyard to rid the vines of pests?
8. Pt Leo Estate, Montalto and Quealy Wines are all wineries in which Australian wine region?
9. What is the study of beer and beer-making called?
10. A wine that is ‘bright’ indicates what?  
11. Eger is a wine region in which country?  
12. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of what?