1. Which of these grape varieties is red: aramon, aligoté, arneis?  
2. How many basic tastes can a tongue perceive?
3. Which of these is the oldest wine house in Champagne: Dom Perignon, Krug, Gosset?
4. Which two grape varieties are grown in all 65 wine regions of Australia?
5. What is the Italian name for rosé?
6. What is “wine pairing”?
7. Lyre’s Spirit Co and Brunswick Aces produce what kind of spirits?
8. Magnum, Jeroboam, Demie and Salmanazar are four wine bottle sizes. Place them in order from smallest to largest.
9. Which remote Australian wine region is surrounded by ocean on three sides?  
10. Which gas is created during wine fermentation?
11. What is Australia’s most planted wine grape?
12. To be called a ‘Scotch’, whisky must be aged for at least how many years?