Georgia Conn and Kyle Ford of Finders Distillery in Sydney.

Some may say it’s crazy to start a brand in 2020, but Georgia Conn and Kyle Ford have done exactly that – and it’s doing well, too. The duo launched Finders Distillery in Sydney in March, with an Australian dry gin and more recently added an Australian vodka to their portfolio. They spoke with Amy Northcott about the launch, their brand home and what inspired them into the path of distilling.

Hats off to you for opening during 2020. Talk us through how that was.
It was daunting! Two weeks after we launched our Australian dry gin, the country went into lockdown. Not the best timing, but after developing our recipe, nothing was going to stop us. We had to be willing to pivot and not be afraid to change our original plans. The first product that left our distillery was hand sanitiser – something that was definitely not in our plan!

Tell me about Finders Distillery.
Finders Distillery combines our love of travel and discovering something new. This is most apparent in our location series range of limited release spirits which is set to be released in early 2021. We will be sourcing botanicals unique to a specific Australian region and creating a bespoke spirit highlighting both the local ingredients and the towns.  

What inspired you to start Finders Distillery?
We have always loved gin but didn’t think about making our own until we were travelling overseas. During our trip, we found ourselves actively seeking out experiences at wineries, distilleries, breweries – everywhere we went. We were fascinated with the different distilling processes, craftsmanship and stories behind it all. So we decided then and there we needed to be a part of it.  

Your distillery serves great cocktails. What are your favourites?
My favourite is the Dry Martini. It is one for the gin lovers, heavy on the gin, light on the vermouth and garnished with a lemon twist to compliment the citrus notes.
Kyle: Mine is the Northside, our take on the classic Southside cocktail, bursting with fresh lime and delicately balanced.