A major tasting of Château Tanunda’s 130th anniversary range showed the impressive quality and value of the Grand Barossa Shiraz and Cabernet (A$25) – the former with its floral notes, plush blackberry pastille flavours and balanced silky tannins.

Château Tanunda is also offering rare, fairly priced, and exceptional shiraz and cabernet from 50- (A$75), 100- (A$150) and 150-year-old vines. There is a brightness and an immediacy to these wines although they are built to cellar.

The 2016 Château Tanunda 50 Year Old Vines Shiraz is generous, packed with flavour and fine; the 2016 100 Year Old Vines is more closed initially but reveals fleshy, brambly flavours and long, gentle tannins; while the 2018 150 Year Old Vines Shiraz (expected release date late 2020) is dense, brooding and multi-layered with balance and finesse on a lengthy finish. The epitome is the Everest (A$295): in 2016 it is sublime – opulent with refined power and impeccable balance. Needless to say the vineyards are in great shape and the process of renewal is on-going. Certainly the achievements at Château Tanunda are worth celebrating.