1. Which part of Italy is nebbiolo from?  
2. What is another name for skin-contact white wine? (hint: it’s a colour)
3. Grange is one of Australia’s most renowned wines, produced by which Australian wine producer?
4. Name two white wine varieties from France’s Rhône region.
5. How many whisky distilleries are there in Australia? 40-60, 60-80, 80-100
6. Swan, duck and cornett are all types of what?
7.  Name three Australian wine regions beginning with the letter M.
8. What is New Zealand’s largest wine region?
9. Where was gin first produced?  
10. Who is the Greek god of grape-harvest, winemaking and wine?
11. The Okanagan Valley is a wine region in which country?
12. Do white wines gain or lose colour with age?