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Poached mackerel, tomato dressing, spicy rice chips

Serves 4

Preparation 15 minutes
1 hour

Recipe Lino Sauro
Wine Match Peter Bourne


20g sea salt
12g sugar
500ml water
500g fresh mackerel

1L extra-virgin olive oil
5g fennel seeds
small handful pink peppercorns
100g garlic shoots
500g cherry tomatoes
100g capers
100ml white balsamic vinegar
50ml colatura (Italian fish sauce)
200ml extra-virgin olive oil

100g rice
2g salt
2g paprika
10ml olive oil


1Dissolve 20g of sea salt and 12g of sugar in 500ml of water, place 500g of mackerel in the water solution for one hour.  

2In the meantime, infuse olive oil with fennel seeds and pink peppercorn, and heat until the oil reaches 55ËšC.

3Dry the mackerel and poach it in the oil infusion for 15 minutes.  

4Caramelise the garlic shoots in a pan with olive oil, add cherry tomatoes and capers and keep cooking for 5 minutes then add vinegar and the colatura.

5Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth, emulsifying with the olive oil.

6Cook rice. Place in a food processor, add paprika, olive oil and. Mix to a rough dough. Thinly spread dough over a baking tray and bake at 180 °C until golden.  

7Ladle tomato dressing over plated mackerel and garnish with chips.

Wine Match

2021 Airlie Bank Gris on Skins, Yarra Valley, A$22

Octopus is as much about texture as flavour and the Barrio kitchen team know how to bring the best of both to the table. A rosé is a given but here the gently pressed pinot gris has been left on its mushroom pink/grey coloured skins to add both a blush of colour and an extra oomph of skin-derived tannin to the wine. The Airlie Bank's depth of red berry flavours works well with the rich, umami flavours of the olive and almond cream with the wine's power in sync with the carb-laden confit potatoes. Oh, and the wine's texture is in perfect harmony with that of the charred, marinated octopus.