Can you name three wine regions found within New Zealand’s North Island?

1. Marselan is a cross between which two grapes?
2. Wachau is a famous wine valley in which country?  
3. Which well-known Australian wine producer has recently announced it will be releasing wines made in China?
4. Lager is fermented at warmer-than-usual temperatures. True or false?  
5. What is the most planted grape variety in California?  
6. What is an ‘enoteca’?
7. Which of these Australia wine regions is known for producing top quality prosecco? McLaren Vale, King Valley, Orange
8. There are two main types of port: tawny and …?
9. The majority of wine is made to be enjoyed within five years. True or false?  
10. Who is the patron saint of winemakers?
11. In which country was the wine cask invented?
12. Name four wine regions surrounding the city of Adelaide in South Australia.