Tasmania Winner


Stillwater’s wine selection is anchored by a strong regional focus. The clearcut vision of sommelier/restaurateur James Welsh (a moderate collection of just over 150 wines) means each deserves its place and offers something unique.  The celebration of Tasmanian terroir and talent is augmented by mainland and international counterparts. Opening with craft brews and artisanal gin from the burgeoning local scene, the list is strong on Tassie sparkling, including mature vintage styles alongside bright young things. Whites are refined and aromatic, ranging from dry and bracing riesling to textural sauvignon and pinot gris. The new-wave Australian chardonnay is a highlight, offset by accessible Burgundian options. Pinotphiles will delight in an array covering the breadth of Tasmania. Diners can confidently place their trust in thoughtfully considered wine pairings alongside the five-course chef’s menu. To finish, there’s scope for contemplative musings over single malt from the likes of Belgrove, Nant, Lark and Sullivan’s Cove.  It’s no wonder this Launceston dining mecca is a beacon to locals and tourists alike. Louise Radman


2 Bridge Rd, Launceston 
03 6331 4153


CUISINE Modern Australian
WINE LIST James Welsh
WINEs ON LIST 155 (17 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($19-$10 by the glass)

Stillwater has wonderful estuary views and an exemplary regional list. The key is an excellent range of the varieties Tasmania does best placed alongside carefully selected international examples. Mainland Australia intrudes with varieties that are less successful in the chilly island climate.


Black Cow Bistro

70 George St, Launceston
(03) 6331 9333


CUISINE Steakhouse
WINE LIST James Welsh
WINEs ON LIST 100 (18 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($18-$10 by the glass)

This is an excellent bistro list that treads an admirable line between showcasing Tasmanian wines and highlighting a range of reds from Australia and Italy that will suit its carnivorious cuisine. It is a neatly
nuanced list balancing established superstars and emerging favourites; local and international expressions of many varieties.

Me Wah

39-41 Invermay Rd, Launceston
(03) 6331 1308


CUISINE Cantonese
WINE LISTStephen Tso
WINEs ON LIST 350 (12 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$ ($14-$7 by the glass)

A list that highlights the great traditional wines of Australia, most notably chardonnay, cabernet and shiraz. No surprises given its home in WA, but they have sourced well beyond the borders with options throughout, including by the glass, and there are interesting selections from emerging players.


Me Wah Hobart

16 Magnet Crt, Sandy Bay
(03) 6223 3688


CUISINE Cantonese
WINE LIST Damien Byrne
WINEs ON LIST 800 (22 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($55-$12 by the glass)

Me Wah in Hobart has long been one of Tasmania’s finest lists: perhaps it’s better than ever now. The list of wines by the glass has been lifted by the use of Coravin; the range of Tassie’s finest wines is spectacular; the internationals are at their strongest to showcase what the island state does best: bubbly, riesling, chardonnay and pinot noir. There’s a wonderful selection of Burgundy, and one of Australia’s finest of DRC and Penfolds Grange.

Mill On Morrison

11 Morrison St, Hobart
(03) 6234 3490


WINE LIST James Broinowski
WINEs ON LIST 49 (15 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $ ($13-$7.50 by the glass)

This is an admirable small list that covers a wide range of grape varieties. When it comes to varieties that flourish in Tasmania there is a focus on offering patrons an interesting range of the local products. Where the local climate is unsuitable, the wines are sourced from the mainland and Europe.

The Source

655 Main Rd, Berriedale
(03) 6277 9904


CUISINE Modern Australian
WINE LIST Felix Stoffell, Ilo Pilve, Joshua Webb & Louis Lieu
WINEs ON LIST 1600 (31 by the glass)
WINE PRICES $$$ ($55-$13 by the glass)

Why wouldn’t the most imaginative art collection in the hemisphere also have an extraordinarily innovative wine list? It is full of endless gems, especially German riesling, Champagne, Burgundy, beers, spirits and more. A masterpiece.